It is a white metal, in its characteristics the one that stands out most is its malleability. Among the multiple uses of silver, the production of coins and the creation of jewelry stand out. Silver can oxidize, but everything will depend on how it will be used and stored. Silver is sensitive to contact with sulfur and chlorine. These elements are present in cleaning products such as bleach, white glue, creamy hydrogen peroxide, among others. People with high uric acid in their blood, or even ingesting certain foods, can oxidize the jewelry. However, the biggest cause of oxidation is atmospheric pollution, as the gases released by cars contain a large amount of sulfur. It can also occur due to body reactions: stress, sweat, natural skin oil or contact with cosmetics, perfumes, etc. However, it is important to remember that oxidation is superficial and a simple polishing or cleaning will make the jewelry shine again.

Steel jewelry is eternally durable, just like other jewelry. Steel is a metal that does not cause skin allergies, as it has a low carbon content.

The base material consists of a copper and zinc metal alloY covered with a protective varnish that guarantees greater durability of the piece. Our pieces do not contain nickel in their composition and we also use an anti-allergenic layer.
Our pieces made of metal alloy are plated with 18K gold, rose gold, rhodium or black rhodium.

We use both natural and artificial stones like zircons and fusion stone.

We use both natural and artificial pearl (shell pearl).